TeFox website, like most interactive websites, uses cookies to regain user details for each visit. Some areas of our site have the cookies inserted inside to enable the functionality of this area and ease up the process of site review for visitors. We use Google services (Google Analytics, Google Adwords and the like) to monitor how visitors interact with our site and to trace the most popular site pages or blocks. This data helps us to fill out the site only with information and content our visitors are really interested in.

We offer off-site advertising with the help of Google Adwords remarketing service to those users who have previously visited our site. As a 3rd party vendor, including Google, you may use these cookies to place our adverts on websites across the web. 3rd party vendors, including Google, will use the cookies picked up during your visit to serve ads based on your past visits to our website.

If you don’t want to be tracked on the TeFox website, you can always opt-out of Google’s use of cookies or back down a third-party vendor’s use of cookies.