Hi my dear friend,

One day I wandered the Norwegian woods and found out that I don’t want to spend all my life like that. “I want to help those who need it”, that is what I want to do. As time runs with an extreme speed and technology progress doesn’t rest on its lures, I gathered my closest folks and we, wolves, rabbits and bears altogether, designed a WordPress theme with custom extensions to your reference. You know, web-design unites not only people but species and creatures all over the world. Time of quarrels passes back when it comes to web design, even in the wild nature.

I want to be a helping hand to you in web industry. Unfortunately, I don’t have it but I offer you my helping “paw”. Take it and hold tight. As someone said, “when one hand holds yours, no matter what’s going on in the world”

By the way, Azeria, the name of our first theme, means “fox” from Basque. This Spanish isolate language doesn’t belong to any language family like our theme that is fully independent from other blog designs you might see.

Usually you can find me in the woods but if you need help I will be whenever you want in a minute. Just email me and leave your query here (supportattefox.net), you won’t wait to get a reply. Foxes are fast, you remember?